Support For Collections And Creditors' Rights Throughout Ohio

Alvin Gilmore Law Offices represents clients struggling to collect delinquent accounts receivable from Ohio companies and consumers. This means, even if you are located outside of Ohio (either domestically or internationally), Cleveland collections lawyer Alvin Gilmore can work for you to collect debts you are owed in Ohio.

We are headquartered in Cleveland. As such, we are prepared to travel throughout the state to represent our clients. We represent clients in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.

Any large corporation, small business or individual can face financial hardship when debts go unpaid. Even when business is good, they may lack the financial resources necessary to pursue debt collection to the fullest extent .

Debtors may go to great lengths to avoid bill payment because of:

  • Disputes about the goods or services that were provided
  • Disputes about the amount of money owed
  • Poorly managed cash flow and the inability to pay multiple bills at once
  • Financial trouble that has made it difficult for them to pay debts

While it is understandable that debtors have financial troubles of their own, this financial burden should not fall on your shoulders. Alvin Gilmore Law Offices takes action in business debt and consumer debt collection by using strategic legal methods to locate debtors and assure that you are paid what you are owed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Results-Driven And Successful Cleveland Judgment Collection Lawyers

Alvin Gilmore is highly skilled in asset recovery tools such as:

  • Domestication of judgments in Ohio to allow enforcement of collection judgments from out of state
  • Garnishments and attachments to allow creditors to claim a portion of wages, bank accounts or property from debtors
  • Securing mortgage and security interests to enforce the liquidation of collateral when necessary to obtain payment for debts
  • Prejudgment and post-judgment remedies to pre-emptively take action in outstanding accounts receivable issues as well as to enforce judgments that have been made
  • Subrogation to substitute one party for another to compel the payment of a debt (i.e., if an individual damages property in a vehicle collision, that person's driver's license may be suspended until he or she pays what is owed for damages)

Contact Alvin Gilmore Law Offices Throughout Ohio

Any commercial or consumer debt that took place in Ohio can be pursued aggressively by attorney Alvin Gilmore. The firm offers general collections representation on a contingency fee basis, but in certain instances, other payment arrangements may need to be negotiated.

Contact the firm online or by telephone at 216-285-1937 to schedule a free initial consultation. We represent clients throughout the state, including specifically Cuyahoga, Hamilton, Franklin and Montgomery counties. Our firm accepts all major credit cards.