Experienced Debt Collection Services Throughout Ohio

If a business is not paying money owed to you for services or goods provided in Ohio, working with an experienced Cleveland business debt and consumer debt collection lawyer can help you achieve efficient results.

While our offices are in Cleveland, we are proud to represent clients in Cincinnati, Columbus and communities throughout Ohio.

Alvin Gilmore Law Offices is an established and respected collections law firm serving clients throughout Ohio. The firm's long-standing reputation for excellence has been built over 35 years of effective representation in this complex area of law. The firm takes a hands-on approach to managing each client's debt collection issues with personal attention and a genuine concern for financial well-being.

Secure Payment From The Business Or Consumer That Owes You

Debtors will go to great lengths to avoid bill payment, especially when they are struggling financially. In some cases they have sincere financial hardships related to seasonal dips in cash flow or business dissolution. In others, they truly believe they do not owe money, either because they dispute the quality of goods or services they received or their accounts payable records are inaccurate.

Debtors will sometimes place money in hidden accounts to protect them from garnishments and attachments, or will avoid traditional collections communication, making it difficult to locate the debtor at all.

Legal disputes of this nature can give rise to lengthy delinquent accounts, particularly when an individual or business attempts to collect in conventional ways (i.e., phone calls to debtors, mail correspondence). The most efficient and favorable outcomes are typically achieved when a creditor secures enforceable judgment remedies with help from an experienced attorney.

Contact Cincinnati Accounts Receivable Collections Lawyers

Any commercial or consumer debt that took place in Ohio can be pursued aggressively by Alvin Gilmore Law Offices. The firm offers general collections representation on a contingency fee basis, but in certain instances, other payment arrangements may need to be negotiated.

Contact the firm online or by telephone at 216-285-1937 to schedule a free initial consultation. We represent clients throughout the state, including specifically Cuyahoga, Hamilton, Franklin and Montgomery counties. Our firm accepts all major credit cards as payment for services.