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Individuals across the United States have faced serious financial burdens in recent years due to medical bills, the mortgage crisis and unemployment. Still, that financial burden should not fall on the businesses and individuals who have extended credit or provided goods and services to these individuals in good faith.

While our offices are in Cleveland, we are proud to represent clients in Cincinnati, Columbus and communities throughout Ohio.

If you are struggling to collect money you are owed from an individual consumer in Ohio, working with a reputable Cleveland area consumer debt collection attorney can help you achieve efficient results.

Alvin Gilmore Law Offices has worked in this highly nuanced area of law for more than 35 years. This vast experience has helped clients across the state of Ohio achieve exceptional results and maximize debt recovery for the goods and services they provided. Each case is personally handed by attorney Alvin Gilmore, who takes a hands-on approach to the law.

Protect Your Rights And Your Financial Success By Working With Experienced Ohio Lawyers

Consumer collections activities are governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This piece of legislation is valuable in protecting debtors from creditor harassment, but it also severely limits the action that creditors can take on their own. Before you attempt to aggressively collect debts owed by individuals, gain a thorough understanding of your rights and responsibilities. One false move with regard to your attempts to contact a debtor may put your right to collect at risk.

Enforcing payment is an uphill battle, even if you have a promissory note or cognovit note that clearly outlines payment terms. Alvin Gilmore Law Offices employs vast legal resources across Ohio and thoroughly investigates debtor activities. This leads to efficiency in locating debtors, pursuing prejudgment and post-judgment remedies, and enforcing those remedies to get money back where it belongs — in our clients' hands.

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Any commercial or consumer debt that took place in Ohio can be pursued aggressively by Alvin Gilmore Law Offices. The firm offers general collections representation on a contingency fee basis, but in certain instances, other payment arrangements may need to be negotiated.

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