Domestication of Foreign Judgments in Ohio

Ohio Collection attorney, Alvin Gilmore has more than 30 years of experience domestication foreign judgments in Ohio. The firm has developed a reputation for successfully handling these types of cases throughout the state of Ohio.

We are headquartered in Cleveland. As such, we are prepared to travel throughout the state to represent our clients. We represent clients in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.

Are you trying to collect from a business or debtor in the state of Ohio? Do you already have a foreign judgment or a judgment from another state? Domestication is the first step. When a business or an individual has obtained a judgment anywhere in the USA and that person or business locates to the State of Ohio, the Alvin Gilmore Law Firm can domesticate the judgment. The Ohio collection attorney can domesticate a foreign judgment in any county in Ohio where there is a relocation of the debtor.

In most cases, Attorney Gilmore is successful in finding the debtor and proceeding with post debtor collection by wage garnishments, bank garnishment and levies on personal property.

Contact the firm online or by telephone at 216-285-1937 to schedule a free initial consultation today, and we can start proceedings on your client's judgments. We accept all major credit cards as payment for legal services. We represent clients throughout the state, including specifically Cuyahoga, Hamilton, Franklin and Montgomery counties.