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Two of the more effective methods used in collections for business and consumer debt involve garnishments and attachments. These collections remedies can be used in both prejudgment and post-judgment situations.

Alvin Gilmore Law Offices is highly skilled in implementing the use of garnishments and attachments for delinquent accounts throughout Ohio. The firm's clients range from large corporations to small-business owners and individuals.

We represent clients throughout the state, including specifically Cuyahoga, Hamilton, Franklin and Montgomery counties.

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Each case is given hands-on attention directly from Cleveland garnishment attorney Alvin Gilmore, whose more than 35 years of experience has proven effective in maximizing collection for international and domestic debt issues that reside in Ohio.

  • Garnishments: This remedy gives creditors the ability to take claim over debtor property that is held by a third party. Wages and bank accounts are often subject for garnishment. In wage garnishment, an employer is required to withhold a certain percentage of payroll to be given to the creditor who obtained a judgment against the debtor. Banks garnishment is similar in that a portion of a debtor's account balance is withheld for creditors.
  • Attachments and judgment liens: When an attachment is placed on debtor property, a creditor is allowed to take property or a property title. This is especially useful in cases where a debtor is about to sell off or otherwise dispose of the property. A judgment lien may also be employed to allow a sheriff to take a portion of a debtor's property, particularly in real estate. The sheriff can then arrange for the property to be seized and sold.

It is difficult to use such powerful remedies without help from an experienced lawyer. Debtors' rights are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Any aggressive moves you make to collect could violate these regulations and, ultimately, put your right to collect at risk.

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Any commercial or consumer debt that took place in Ohio can be pursued aggressively by Alvin Gilmore Law Offices. The firm offers general collections representation on a contingency fee basis, but in certain instances, other payment arrangements may need to be negotiated.

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