Obtaining A Judgment In Ohio Collections

There are several options for both large and small businesses to collect on unpaid accounts receivable balances. A business could try to collect on its own, could transfer debt to a collection agency or pursue legal remedies by working with an experienced collections law firm. While it can be tempting to handle these matters on your own, it can lead to wasted time and minimal results.

While our offices are in Cleveland, we are proud to represent clients in Cincinnati, Columbus and communities throughout Ohio.

Alvin Gilmore Law Offices is highly skilled in obtaining judgments in Cleveland and throughout Ohio. The firm has more than 35 years of experience working with a wide range of clients throughout the state. If the debt you are trying to collect is based in Ohio, or needs to be transferred to Ohio, attorney Alvin Gilmore can pursue legal remedies both before and after collections judgment, for example:

  • Domestication of foreign judgments
  • Enforcement of foreign judgment
  • Revival of judgments
  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank garnishments
  • Attachments and replevin
  • Judgment liens
  • Debtor's exams
  • Subrogation

The firm's grasp of collections law and creditors' rights is surpassed only by its ability to maximize recovery of compensation. Examples of remedies include:

  • Prejudgment remedies: Prejudgment remedies are used before evidence is available in a collections lawsuit hearing. A remedy such as attachment or replevin may be ordered to show that a creditor has a valid claim for debts that are owed, or to prevent a debtor from hiding or liquidating assets before the creditor obtains payment. These remedies are typically only useful when assets are available to be attached.
  • Post-judgment remedies: If a creditor obtains a judgment, it can still be difficult to enforce that judgment as debtors may hide funds or elude communication with creditors. Strategic legal methods such as garnishments or subrogation must be employed to find debtors, find debtor accounts and assure that payment is collected.

It is crucial to work with an attorney as soon as possible. Alvin Gilmore Law Offices takes swift action to secure your financial interests using proven collection methods and the vast legal resources at its disposal.

Columbus Judgment Remedies Lawyers

Any commercial or consumer debt that took place in Ohio can be pursued aggressively by Alvin Gilmore Law Offices. The firm offers general collections representation on a contingency fee basis, but in certain instances, other payment arrangements may need to be negotiated.

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